Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Every Move She Makes

In Jannine Gallant's Every Move She Makes, the first installment in the Who's Watching Now romantic suspense series, this debut novel had the markings of a success on her hands. For Grace Hanover, a reporter who would do everything for a story, she traveled to Moose Flat, Alaska for covering a story. For Travis Barnett, her bodyguard to watch over her and going for the same story, he met her there. Between the two of them, they've both had been burned in their relationships and sparks flew between them, though they're from two different cities. When an assassin targets Grace, Travis would do everything to protect her, while he was falling in love for her. As for Grace, she would discover who followed her every move and learned that it was nothing more than for revenge in the end. Later, Travis and Grace have found out they were meant for each other.

This was an excellent romantic suspense debut from Jannine Gallant. I really cared about Grace, when she experienced guilt about her former boyfriend's suicidal death. I really loved Travis with her, when they met and came together. Mason/Archer, I didn't like too much. He gave me the creeps. But I loved Grace's family, too. I love the trifecta of Alaska, Seattle and San Francisco for the locations and the settings in this novel. This made me intrigued and curious to read more on how they've turned out. Great suspense, intrigue, suspense, romance and tons of mystery.

Will you check out Every Move She Makes today? If so, give it a try!

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