Thursday, April 19, 2012


In Taken, you're taken for a wild ride in Kate Bickford's life. In a blink of an eye, we witness her struggle,  her pain, when her adoptive son's been kidnapped. I felt her torment, when she's a lone widow, missing her late husband. When she shared her backstory through memories of meeting Ted, of marriage and adoption of a baby, and when he was sick, my heart went out to Kate, who raised her son all by herself. She, alone, supported them by starting her own successful catering business. In this fast-paced thriller, we're delved into the mind of her son and the kidnapper. I rooted for Kate throughout this story. With quirky twists and turns, we learn the real motive behind this plan, and how twisted it would've gone. From the first page to the last,  my heart beat accelerated through an adrenalin rush with what Kate had to do to survive and to find her son without giving up. And you would too.

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