Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fine Feathered Death

If you love great cozies, you'll enjoy this one. In Linda O. Johnston's Fine Feathered Death, the 3rd book in the Kendra Ballentyne cozy series, Kendra was a lawyer and a pet-setter in L.A. You could really feel how strong she was devoted she was to her law firm, while she tried to keep her license, and her love for animals, even if it was pet-setting. We discovered how tricky it was to balance both work and her personal love life, when her lover's ex-wife came back to him and complicated her relationship. We experienced how deflated she was, when Jeff's ex appeared or called him, out of the blue. She really loved Jeff; and he should be a keeper. As for work, she was in a tough bind, when Ezra Cossner, a new partner in her law firm, was assigned to her. He wasn't easy to get along with, not even his bird Gigi. Things do get dicey, when he was murdered and Jeff was implicated. We saw how torn she was and would do anything to clear his name. Between a tough real estate case and some pet-law depositions, and a new murder, things do get heated up and tough for Kendra to find out who was the murderer, even if she might be the next victim...

I really enjoyed this new cozy that featured pets for a theme. I cared about Kendra and her relationship with Jeff and her law career. I also loved Los Angeles as the central location and setting for this cozy series. This would dealt with pet care and pet setting well for any type of pet owner, when it dealt with pet laws in particular. This would make you cringe for Ezra and root for Kendra to save the day. I've found Gigi was a hoot. Good drama, excellent non-stop action and plenty of intrigue and mystery for this cozy series.

Check out this fine cozy today!

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