Sunday, April 29, 2012

Warning Signs

If you love medical dramas on TV or in the movies, you'll love the second book in the Angels of Mercy series by CJ Lyons. In Lifelines, we were introduced to Nora, Amanda, Gina and Lydia, which became Lydia's story. Now in Warning Signs, this medical thriller would shock you in Amanda's POV.  Like any medical drama, we were right into the heart of the matter of a medical emergency for these medical students. Each one of them had a crisis to face, whether it turned up bad or good. We experienced their professional life in the hospital, and their social and love lives. And this one hit close to home to the four friends. When I read this novel, I felt like I was right there with them in the ER or outside the hospital. You would too, when you read this novel and experience drama, romance, action and suspense, all wrapped up in one medical thriller series. This shocked me into suspense and had me drawn into the heart of the matter for anyone involved.

This would pull you in and take you in for a wild ride. I loved how this focused on Amanda and told her story on how she found love with Lucas Stone. I loved the Philadelphia location, inside and outside of the hospital. I loved how they bonded and all pull together, no matter the crisis they took on in the Emergency Room. Great suspense, nice action and plenty of romance and intrigue to get absolved into this great medical thriller.

Ready to watch for warning signs? Give this one a go today! 

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