Wednesday, April 4, 2012


If you love great thrillers and trilogies, you'll enjoy this one, too, by Iris Johansen. Eve picked up, where Chasing the Night left off with, when Catherine dropped the bombshell to Eve on a possible name for the killer of her daughter, Bonnie. It brought her back to the past memories of when she met John Gallo and how Bonnie was conceived. Now he came back into her life, when there became on the hunt for answers of who killed her, when she didn't know if he told the truth or not. There was a shocking twist to the end of Eve, that leads to Quinn and later Bonnie in the trilogy. What a rush!

This was an explosive Eve Duncan thriller told from Eve's POV. In this trilogy, we  really do feel for Eve and what she went through, when she was pregnant with Bonnie; and years later, when she went through the same pain when Bonnie went missing and later was presumed dead. We do get to see inside her psyche and the sparking connection she had with Joe Quinn. My heart was in my stomach for the entire time in this gripping novel than ever before. I also felt that connection with Joe and with Eve's mother. I didn't care for much on John Gallo. But I do love Jane, her adoptive daughter.  I also loved the Georgia connection as well.

Ready to go back in time to where it all begin? Check it out now!

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