Thursday, May 3, 2012


This is a great new mystery/thriller series. We're right in the heart of the matter when both sets of crimes takes place in two states: Minnesota and Wisconsin. We're introduced to Grace and the Monkeewrench crew--all have secrets to hide and covering their tracks--when they develop a new computer game that's causing tons of publicity--the bad kind. We really feel the pain, when someone's imitating life after their computer graphic art. We follow their footsteps, heading right into danger, when no one's none the wiser between them. It's very fast paced and places you into the heart of the suspense and danger. Your heart's racing and you're sweating, because you too don't want to me in the killer's path. This novel would keep you into suspense in both set states, and puts you in Grace's shoes, when we learn her secrets and how she protected herself from evil... which might be next door.

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