Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scent of Darkness

In Christina Dodd's Scent of Darkness, the first installment in the Darkness Chosen paranormal romance series, a couple of words had popped into my mind when I read--red hot, primal, sexy, exotic. That summed it up. This paranormal romance would make you purr like a cat or howl like a coyote. You would be introduced to Jasha Wilder, a sexy Russian immigrant and wine producer, as we would learn about his dark side and his hidden and secret past. Ann Smith, his administrative assistant had a dark secret of her own and a troubled past, too. But when you read about them, you couldn't miss the smoldering chemistry, the passion, the romance, and the intrigue between the Wilder family and what they went through to get here. I became curious to know them more and to see them get together in a more than professional way. They do make an attractive couple in more ways than one. For both of them, they would have to find the light of the tunnel and know they were meant for each other. Bring a fan for this one or turn up the AC, when you read this steamy paranormal series.

 This was a fantastic and thrilling paranormal romance novel. This had piqued my interest in so many levels. I became interested in Jasha's life with a dark side and concerned about his past. I thought Ann had something going on with her, when she turned up the heat with Jasha. There was something about him that had brought out the wild side between them. I loved the California locations and the vast settings for this novel. This would make you fall for this shape-shifter with drama, hot romance, intrigue and lots of non-stop action.

Will you follow the scent of darkness? Check it out today!

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