Monday, June 24, 2013

Sharpshooter: Special Ebook review

If you love fast-paced romantic suspense novels, this is another one for you. In Cynthia Eden's Sharpshooter, the third book in the Shadow agents series, Sydney and Gunnar were members of an elite EOD team. Sydney's fiancé's Slade Ortiz, Gunner's half-brother, was declared dead. Or so they thought, when they learned he didn't die, but was held hostage by rebels in Peru. And from there, it was explosive for this complicated love triangle, when Sydney fell in love with Gunner and realized the changes in Slade. When someone went after them, it became personal, from being shot at and a fire. And someone was going to get hurt with hell to pay. Little by little, they knew that Slade's out for blood with jealousy, until it got too close to comfort. But it brought Sydney and Gunner closer, when she chose the right brother for real. This is an explosive romantic suspense to hit straight to the heart.

This romantic suspense was so intense, it was explosive and red-hot for reading. I did feel bad for Sydney, when she ended up in a tangled love triangle of her own with two brothers no less. i did like Gunner more and Slade less and less in the end. This one tugged at your own heart strings and pulled it real tight and taut. I loved the scenes in Peru and back in the United States as well. This had lots of drama, sexy hot romance, and a lots of dramatic non-stop action in every page.

Please check this out today!

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