Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dolled Up For Murder

In Jane Cleland's Dolled Up For Murder,  the 7th installment of the Josie Prescott series, she was embroiled into another mystery. When Alice Michaels was shot in front of her antique store, her death placed Josie front and center of another shocking twist. While charges were impending on Alice's company from the SEC, it was now up to Josie to figure out why someone wanted her dead, even digging into her family life and private affairs, stemming from a valuable antique collection. When one of her co-workers was kidnapped, things changed for an exchange of rare dolls that was one of the kind. We witnessed what Josie goes through, when danger approached and closed in on her. And it did get freaky for Josie and her co-workers, when she was closer to the danger, when it' was right in front of her nose. While the press hounds her for the truth, she helped the police to get down to the bottom of this mess, when another prime suspect was killed and the killer was revealed.

This was another gripping cozy mystery dealing with antiques. This one gave me goosebumps from start to finish. I cared about Josie and Alice and became worried about them, too. I love the collectible antique theme for the series. I love the small town New England location for the settings as well. This one had plenty of drama, gripping suspense and intrigue, and tons of non-stop intriguing action.

 Will you be dolled up for murder? If so, check this out today!

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