Thursday, June 13, 2013

Born to Darkness

In Suzanne Brockmann's Born to Darkness, the first book in the Fighting Destiny series, it took place in the near and distant future. There was a brand new war against drugs; mainly this one called Destiny, which gave you a super-high with a lethal death rate. It was up to black-listed Navy SEAL, Shane Laughlin, who signed up to join the OI team. That was when he met Michelle Mackenzie, one of the Greater-Thans that had a high supernatural and paranormal power. Each one of the team had a special gift and a connection to someone there. While they fought this war on drugs, they were after the Organization that had kidnapped Anna Taylor's sister, Nika, into a nightmare of their own. With telepathy and other super powers, this futuristic thriller/romantic suspense was in a league of its own. You'll love it.

This was a terrific introduction to the futuristic thriller world with paranormal and romantic suspense tendencies. It gave us a brief glimpse of what it could be back then, if we don't change things in the here and now for the present, especially on illegal drug consumption. I cared about Michelle, Shane, and Anna Taylor, including everyone on the OI team. I loved the futuristic settings it took us for the location. This made me gasp and shock in awe of the amazing twists and turns straight to the end. Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue with plenty of hints of romantic suspense and paranormal superpowers to hook us in on the first page.

Are you ready to be born into darkness? If so, check this out today!

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