Friday, May 10, 2013


If you're up for a light read this summer, check out Ann Ripley's Mulch, the first book in her Gardening Mysteries series. She introduced us to Louise Eldridge and her family. They moved to a ritzy Washington D.C. neighborhood from Bethesda, Maryland. They made waves and new friends, while Bill worked for the government, and Louise was an organic gardener and freelance writer. When they discovered body parts in mulched garden bags, her family was under suspicion. But one of their neighbors had in it for them to keep it quiet. Louise's daughter Janie had a crush on a local neighbor's kid. This is a quick and easy read with a delightful gardening mystery.

This was a fun and enjoyable cozy series to read for light reading. I cared about Louise and her family, when they moved from Bethesda to Washington D.C., for a big relocation for Bill's  job. I loved the D.C. area location and her neighborhood settings for a charming cozy. I also enjoyed the gardening tips that was stored inside this cozy mystery. This would make you hold your breath for every chapter and page turn. Great drama, good non-stop action with plenty of intrigue and suspense with a hint of mystery for a gripping debut.

Will you discover mulch for your gardening pleasure today? If so, give it a go!

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