Saturday, May 25, 2013

Can't Stand the Heat

If you love tempting romances that deals with culinary delights, this series is for you.  In Louisa Edwards's Can't Stand the Heat, the first book in the Recipe for Love romance series, she  introduced us to the NYC restaurant world. Miranda Wake was a food critic for a local food magazine and made a bold statement in Market, a hot new restaurant in town. Adam Temple was the main chef there who took her on as a challenge, like putting her money where her mouth is. For one month, she learned a lot about cooking and the wait staff in the restaurant, while she dug up dirt for a book. Then we meet Jess, her teenage brother she looked after, since they lost their parents at a young age. But he transferred colleges and dealt with his own issues, his own sexuality on being gay. Between that, Miranda had a lot on her own plate, when a disgruntled employee muddied the waters and then complicated her steamy relationship with Adam, when the news came out. But when it was up to Miranda to fix things, she learned more about cooking and also about herself and concocting the right ingredients for a recipe for love.

This was a fascinating new contemporary romance series that took us into the cooking and culinary world.  I cared about Miranda and Adam, especially with their dared bet going on behind the scenes. I also became worried about Jess and his feelings for being homosexual, which was told in a most delicate way. I loved the NYC backdrop for the scenic settings and the locations for the restaurant world. This would make you hungry for more and thirsty to cool down from the heated fireworks between them. Great romance, intriguing suspense and drama with plenty of non-stop action.

Give this book a try tonight!

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