Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dark Legacy

If you love paranormal romances with a shocking twist, you'll love Dark Legacy. Ten years ago, Maddie's father died in a car accident, while her twin ended up in a coma. Now in the present, she realized her sister was alive and the link connected them lead to a shocking truth of their dark legacy of psychic connections, when good over evil won with the light over darkness and love conquered hate. They battled their fears and connected again to find their greatest demons in dreams and in real life. A great story!

This was an interesting twist for a paranormal romance. I loved that it had a twin connection as it dealt with the past and present. I loved how it explored the psychic phenomenon  as well.  The dream link was also an interest twist as well to tie things altogether. This was a good example of good versus evil. I thought Maddie was an interesting character while exploring her background. Good drama, lots of action and a hint of romance to even the score.

Ready to battle the dark side? Give this book a try!

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