Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hemlock Bay

If you love great suspense novels, Hemlock Bay is the one for you, the 6th installment of Catherine Coulter's FBI series. This was set in a fictional town in California called Hemlock Bay, a small hamlet of a town, when a lot of things were going on. For starters, for Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock, they dealt with a cult following and a psychological serial killer with a twisted mind. For Dillon's sister Lily, someone tried to kill her and made her crazy, when it all came down to her grandmother's paintings and the mastermind behind it, which stemmed from her in-laws and a despicable husband. In the end, both cases collided with a shocking resolution. A great thrill ride to read!

This was an interesting thriller. I loved the backdrop of Hemlock Bay for the novel. Who would ever thought about the evil behind it? I did love Dillon and Lacey, when this came down on them. I also felt bad for Lily as well. I liked the paintings link and the cult behind it. This had a lot of twists and turns for a FBI thriller that was packed with suspense and intrigue as well. This would make you speechless and drop your jaw as well.

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