Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cold Pursuit

If you love Sandra Brown's Chill Factor, you'll love Carla Neggers's Cold Pursuit, the first book in the Black Falls series. This dealt with former lovers from high school, Jo Harper and Elijah Cameron, who were now a Secret Service Agent and a Special Ops Soldier, who have returned to Black Falls, Vermont. After a deadly hit-and-run killed Ambassador Alex Bruni, his stepdaughter went missing in the winter cold, when she discovered a secret and took off. It was now up to them to beat a man who was after her and to silence her for her death, while battling the elements along the way. Great romance thrown in to ease the tension as the action turned up the heat on a cold day.

This chilling thriller would thaw and defrost any cold day. I loved the central location of Black Falls, Vermont. It seemed to be so remote and idealistic for a chilling thriller. I loved the backstory of Jo and Elijah and what their jobs were now. I did feel for them, when we get to know about their past, and see them reconnect in the present. This would give you goosebumps and shivers down your spine. Great suspense, hot romance, and plenty of non-stop dramatic action in every page.

Check this book out this weekend!

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