Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Special review: False Prophet from August 2008

In the fifth installment of the Decker/Lazarus mystery series by Faye Kellerman, LAPD Detective Peter Decker wound up in a pickle on his next case in False Prophet. He didn't know what to think about Lilah Brecht.  Daughter of a faded Hollywood legend and a beautiful eccentric spa owner,  someone beaten and raped her in her own home. She also claimed she had psychic visions to see into the looming future. Between his heart and his young pregnant wife Rina, he couldn't take much credence into her story between Lilah's family and her own ridiculous claims. But when her dark visions come real, they rocked his world with her secrets and obsessions, they entrapped Decker and pointed the killer to his own family.

This was another fascinating Faye Kellerman mystery. I believe the team of Lazarus and Decker were a dynamic duo. The character of Lilah was interesting and amusing as well, except for her psychic prophesies,  I didn't like it, when Rina ended up entangled into this mess, when she was in a delicate condition. I still love the rich Los Angeles background for this series. This novel made me feel quite flabbergasted and second-guessing along the way. Great dramatic build up with plenty of suspense and action on every page.

Ready for a good book? Give this one a try this weekend!

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