Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Last Boyfriend

In Nora Roberts's The Last Boyfriend, the second installment in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy, this novel focused on Owen Montgomery and Avery MacTavish.They knew each other, when they was little; and as a grown up, they never thought they would fall for each other. Owen was a take-charge middle brother in his family, working to build an inn and a home extension for the center of Boonsboro, Maryland. His brother Beckett was getting ready to tie the knot with Claire, a widow with three young sons, to form a blended family. His other brother, Ryder, had strong feelings for Hope, who took charge of the inn, and still giving over a past heartache. During the past months for the completion of the inn, the friendship turned into romance for Avery and Owen; Avery took charge of a pizzeria and now two new restaurants, when her mother who abandoned her, since her father took care of her when she was young. There's also a little ghost story that Avery came across, just like in In the Garden trilogy. This is a heart-warming romance about life, friendship and family.

I loved this new trilogy from Nora Roberts. I loved how everyone came together to get the inn up and working and ready in time. We do get to care about Owen and Avery and their families. I did, when they went through so many emotions between those two families. I loved the backdrop of Boonsboro, Maine. It was so picturesque and grand for sure. I didn't care for much for Avery's cold-hearted mother. But Justine and Willie together was a hoot.

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