Monday, August 4, 2014

Sniper's Honor

In Sniper's Honor,  the 9th book in the Bob Lee Swagger Thriller series, Bob Lee Swagger returned on his latest adventure yet. When a close friend from the Washington Post asked him to help her with a story in Russia, it took them all the way to the Ukraine to get down the bare facts. Part historical fiction, part thriller/adventure in alternating chapters, Swagger and Kathy Reilly followed the trail of the legendary female Russian sniper, Ludmilla "Mili" Petrova, during World War II against the Germans and the Serbians. Russian called her a heroine, while others think otherwise and call her a traitor. Swagger, a fellow sniper himself, wanted to do the right thing and honor her legacy. Others wanted to stop them in the tracks in Russia from honoring her memory, when they turned the tables on their pursuers. From the frontlines of the war, down to present day on the trail for Swagger, this fast-paced thriller takes us back and forth in time, with a subplot from Israel, which lead to the shocking conclusion of the main fantastic storyline.

This was a fantastic spy thriller with historical elements. In alternating chapters, I cared to learn more about Mili and how she became wide-known after the second world war. She lead a fascinating history and legacy for her kids. With those historical facts inserted in to make it accurate and real, this made for a good real. I also cared for Bob Lee Swagger, an aging spy to find out the truth about her. I couldn't find anyone to hate or any scenes to hate, either. But both Mili and Bob were wonderful characters.

Ready to honor a spy? Grab a copy for someone's Christmas list this month!

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