Sunday, August 17, 2014


In Andrea Kane's Twisted, she told us a twisted and warped tale of kidnapping, obsession and murderous mayhem in the first FBI trilogy. Sloane Burbank was a former FBI agent now turned consultant, due to a hand injury in her latest case. When her close friend's parents asked her to look into her disappearance from a year ago, she would be more than happy to oblige. But she'd gotten more than she bargained for. She teamed up with her former boyfriend, Agent Derek Parker, to work on this more difficult and complicated case. Someone's been kidnapping young women and giving them a royal godly treatment as goddess. He had a sick obsession on Sloane and with Greek mythology too. When she suspected she's been watched like an eagle with hang-up on her phone, it was up to Derek and Sloane to pick up the twisted pieces of this wicked jigsaw puzzle, while they resolved old issues and turn up the heat on their dormant sparking chemistry. Sloane didn't see this coming, when she became the next one on his list and who wanted her for himself.

This was a fantastic FBI thriller. I loved knowing Sloane's background of how she injured her hand and how she dealt from recovering from it. I loved how she teamed with her former flame, Derek, when there's a burning flame of desire for both of them. The mythological goddess twist was quite interesting as well. I loved the tri-state area for the locations. I hated to see how one of Sloane's friends was killed and another could be  quite evil. Great dramatic twists, excellent suspense and terrific romance between Sloane and Derek.

Ready for a twisted novel? Go out and check out a copy today!

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