Friday, August 29, 2014

Special Review: Fatal FIxer Upper from April 2009

In the first installment of the DIY series from Jenna Bennett aka Jennie Bentley, Fatal Fixer Upper, this new cozy had clever DIY tips for you to fix up your home or business. We were introduced to Avery Baker, a New York interior designer who had inherited her aunt's old Maine cottage. And that had lead her down the path to home renovation with handsome handyman, Derek Ellis. When they met, sparks flew between them. While she learned the process of DIY, they were on the case of a missing professor, while they rehabbed her great-aunt's home. With Derek's ex-wife trying to get her clutches back into her arms and her ex-fiancé to win her back, they had their fill of excitement. The closer they've gotten closer to the truth, she wondered if they can finish the process in time, before she became the next victim on his or her list.

This was a great DIY introduction to the cozy series. I loved the New York and Maine locations for the beautiful scenic depictions. it was so picturesque and grand in view. I loved the DIY tips and the renovation with Avery's aunt's place. I loved how Avery and Derek met for the first time. I didn't like the meddling Melissa or Avery's ex one bit. This was a great cozy for a quick read. Good drama, nice action and a hint of sparking romance too.

Ready to fix your TBR list? Give this one a go today!

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