Thursday, September 4, 2014

Special Review: When the Bough Breaks from July 2008

In Jonathan Kellerman's stellar Alex Delaware mystery series debut, When the Bough Breaks, we were introduced to Alex Delaware, a burned out psychologist. For his first case as a police consultant, it became the toughest one of them yet. When Dr. Morton Handler was killed in his own home, Alex learned what kind of psychologist he was--the devious and sick kind--when he paid for his sins. With no leads, they  had one potential witness, a seven-year-old girl named Melody Quinn. It was up for Alex to unlock the mystery behind the murder in her mind. As more sinister dark shadows took shape in her mind, Alex discovered it touched on the similar incident in his past. Later on, they discovered how this shocking connection was only the beginning and linked to a 40-year-old conspiracy and the growing evil behind it. For Alex, he needed to expose it before it claimed poor Melody Quinn.

This was a fantastic Alex Delaware mystery series debut. I loved Alex's role as a police consultant for the police as a psychologist. From the start, we do get to care about him as a whole and learn more about his personal life. I did feel for poor Melody Quinn, when someone wanted to harm her. That was insane to me. I loved the California backdrop of Los Angeles. I thought Milo Sturgis was an excellent hands-on detective to work with Alex. Great suspense, terrific writing, and a compeling storyline.

Why not give this one a go? Check it out today!

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