Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Special review: Jackdaws from April 2009

In Ken Follett's Jackdaws, he took us back to World War Two to tell us an enthralling historical fiction/romance story. During D Day, the United Kingdom had no idea when the Germans would raid their country. It was now up to Felicity "Flick" Clairet, the leader of an all French operative company to attack  against the Germans for the UK Forces. But during their head-on assault, everything went wrong. Her group was destroyed, her husband was MIA, her superiors were unsure of her, while her own self-confidence was shaken up a bit. That's when she developed a new plan of unprofessional all-female operatives for her team, which was later called the Jackdaws, and placed it into action. While she lead her new team onward and forward, that was secrets she kept to herself and haven't revealed to others, including those that were within herself.

This was a fantastic cross-blend of historical fiction and historical romance. During war-time Europe made it a picture perfect setting for this novel. I did begin to feel strong emotions for Flick and her fellow jackdaw spies. She had overcame a lot of things to accomplish that impossible mission. She was a true heroine in this novel, too. I didn't like it, when she lost her husband during the war, or when her team was defeated. With non-stop action, this would launch you right into the scenery to blend in and to join forces as well. This left a smile on my face in the end.

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