Monday, September 8, 2014

Special review: When Strangers Marry from July 2008

In this earlier timeless classic historical romance from Lisa Kleypas, When Strangers Marry, the first book in the Villerand series, we were taken back in time to 18th century Louisiana. We were introduced to Maximillien "Max" Villerand and Lysette Kersaint. Lysette escaped an escaped marriage to Etienne, when she went into the Bayou and met Max, a widower with two teen sons. He promised he would protect her from her fiance. She didn't care about her ruined reputation as long as she didn't marry Etienne. But Max was accused of murdering his wife, while society looked down on him. Lysette helped him get accepted into society, when sparks fly between these two strangers. The looming mystery of who killed Max's wife and Etienne's revenge is a strong theme for the plot of this classic historical romance with palpable heat for Lysette and Max.

This was the first book that got me hooked in Lisa Kleypas and historical romances in general. I loved the New Orleans setting with the swamp, too. I really did feel something for both of Max, who had felt society's criticism for something he didn't do. I also understood Lysette's predicament as well, when arranged marriages was the latest fashion back in the day. There was undeniable chemistry between them. On the first page, you will get sucked into their world and feel involved as well. I felt a real connection between them and their plights.

Get ready to take a trip back into time! Try this book this weekend!

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