Thursday, September 25, 2014

Special review: The Pillars of the Earth from September 2008

In Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth, the first book in the Pillars of the Earth series, he took us back into time of the Renaissance and Medieval Period in the 12th century. In this long book, it was jam-packed with intense history of the customs and cultures of how people lived in there. It wasn't only educational and entertaining at the same time, it set the stage of the cast of enriched characters about Tom Builder's  attempt of building the cathedral in Kingsbridge, England. It dealt with royalty and Tom's family, as we followed them throughout the years with romance, drama, intrigue, action-adventure and suspense. If you haven't seen the TV  mini-series version on Starz's, you'll be hooked in this book and read the sequel later on.

I'm a big sucker for medieval and Renaissance historical fiction. Ken Follett had did his research for this book and the sequel years later. It was so intricate and fascinating to learn about their culture, customs and to learn their way of life. I loved Tom's family and despised the royal prince. I also loved the priory too. I hated that it was so long at a 1000 pages to cram everything in for this saga. This also had some historical romance too as well. You'll be sucked into this ancient world of our past too, when you read this book!

Ready to time travel? Get ready to be intrigued in the Medieval world!

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