Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Special review: True Detectives from April 2009

In Jonathan Kellerman's True Detectives,  a spinoff from the Alex Delaware mystery series, this story focused on two brothers who weren't cut from the same cloth--Moses Reed, a LAPD detective, and Aaron Fox, a former cop turned PI--and both shared a troubled family history in the line of law enforcement. But the two of them come together to work on a most disturbing cold case of Caitlin Frostig, who disappeared years ago. With the help of Milo and Alex, Moses and Aaron would crack open this case of this straight-A student's life with two men in her life and would go into the darkest crevices of the sultry glamorous Hollywood culture with many shadowy secrets and an array of sinister characters. Before someone else became a lost soul, they would get down to the root of this problem and solve this case.

This was something different from the Alex Delaware series, since they took a back seat to this mystery. I loved the California connection as well, when it focused on Aaron and Moses for a change. I did feel bad for them and for Caitlin's family, when they didn't get any solid answers back then. I loved how they worked with Alex and Milo to crack this case and get it solved, one way or another.  I cared about the characters and how they worked together to come to the same conclusion. Great drama with a twist, nice suspense, and fantastic action to turn that cold case to warm.

Check this out right away!

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