Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Special review: Sirius about Murder from May 2008

In the second installment of the Beanie and Cruiser series from Sue Owens Wright, Sirius about Murder, Beanie and Cruiser have found themselves stuck in another mystery in South Lake Tahoe around Halloween. Some residents were up for another debate about how the land should be used--some want a dog park while the others want it to be used for expensive housing for more revenue. When Abigail Haversham, the leader of the dog park movement, was found murdered by a killer known as Sirius, it was now up to Beanie and Cruiser to help the local police investigate the murder for suspects, except for the pet psychic at the fair. They might have another quarry to interview about the land debate controversy, they hoped the real killer wouldn't be serious about making them the next victims on their list.

This was another delightful cozy from Sue Owens Wright. I love the pairing of Beanie and Cruiser in this adventurous mysteries. I loved the backdrop of South Lake Tahoe in the California-Nevada area. It was so very picturesque and visual to see the dog park protest and the fair. And to center it around Halloween was ideal as well.  For a light quick read, this one packed a lot of surprises with light humor and a good suspenseful action-packed book.

Are you serious about books? Give this one a try now!

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