Sunday, September 7, 2014

Delicious and Suspicious

In the culinary cozy debut of Delicious and Suspicious by Riley Adams, the first book in the Memphis BBQ culinary series, we were introduced to a new kind of culinary cozy with delicious recipes to do at home. Aunt Pat's restaurant was owned and ran by the Taylor family. When a talent scout for the Cooking Channel arrived in Memphis, everyone embraced themselves for a sterling review from Rebecca Adrian. In actuality, everyone had a reason to despise her, when she turned down some few requests. When she turned up dead, everyone remained a suspect, including Lulu's family members. When a regular of hers ended up murdered in her own home, Lulu knew it might've been a connection to the previous murder. It was up to her to do interference and snoop around to find out what was the motive and who wanted her dead, when she dealt with Hog Heaven's Lurleen Ashton, who couldn't get her grubby hands from her son Seb. When she zeroed in the truth of the culprit, she might become the next victim on her list.

I loved the backdrop setting of Memphis Tennessee. I loved everyone of Lulu's family, except for her son Seb. He was a bit annoying. I couldn't stand Rebecca's snide attitude, either. I loved the ambiance of a family-run restaurant to deliver scrumptious and delicious BBQ food. The culinary recipes are always a plus in any culinary cozy. Great suspense and intrigue with a homey setting to boot.

Want to go for a second helping? Dig in with this culinary cozy today!

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