Monday, September 29, 2014

Special review: Howling Bloody Murder from April 2005

In the cozy mystery debut from Sue Owens Wright, Howling Bloody Murder, she introduced us to a remarkable team of Elsinore "Elsie, Beanie" MacBean, a widow with an adult daughter with Washoe heritage through her blood, and her faithful basset hound, Cruiser. When she worked for the local newspaper, she reported about a grisly murder that hit her town of Lake Tahoe. Beanie and Cruiser teamed up with the local law to compare notes about all of the victims, who were all powerful businessmen, who were all up in arms about the environmental dispute about the land. Police leads to the militant tribal councils, who didn't want the local casino built there. Add some supernatural twists and Nona's detestable boyfriend to add to the mix of the plot, when it was up to Beanie and Cruiser to collar the killer before it was too late.

This was another great light cozy. I loved  Beanie and Cruiser together. They make a helluva team. You've got to lose him. I liked the backdrop of South Lake Tahoe along with the Halloween season. I loved the concept that dealt with environmental issues. I do care about them and Nona, though I disliked Nona's boyfriend. I liked Skip working with them too. There's not much here not to like or love at all. For a gentle and light reading, good dramatic action, nice mystery with a hint of humor and suspense.

Ready to howl at the moon? Go grab a copy today!

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