Monday, September 8, 2014


In the 16th edition of the Wings in the Night series, Maggie Shayne gave us an intertwining storyline of three people involved into this story. In the first half of Bloodline, we were introduced to Serena Monroe, a young mother who's baby daughter were taken away from her. In alternating POVs, we go to 21-year-old daughter Lilith, who had been raised on a Farm with other bloodliners who had the rare antigen Belladonna in their blood. That's where she met Ethan, another vampire with the rare antigen. For Serena, she searched for her daughter and wanted her safe. For Ethan who was in love with Lilith, he looked for his brother and dealt with his betrayal. And for Lilith, she found Serena, trusted Ethan, and wanted to break free from captivity. An enjoyable read!

This was an interesting paranormal romance with a twist. In a way, I did feel bad for both Lilith and Serena, who were separated for a lifetime. For Serena, I admired her fight for her daughter and joined the brethren that protected rare vampire breeds. I did became worried for Lilith, who was in over her head with the rare gene in her blood, and for her feelings for Ethan.  I liked Ethan as well and didn't like his brother. I also loved the Farm and the other scenery in the storyline.

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