Monday, September 29, 2014

Special review: Whiteout from February 2009

In Ken Follett's Whiteout, he put the thrill back into thriller and added some medical elements. Before a Christmas blizzard in Scotland, Toni Gallo, the security director of a medical research firm had more problems that she bargained for. Twelve virus samples went missing, while one lab tech ending up bleeding. During the Whiteout, several people converged in front of a family home. Everyone inside had something to win or lose with the end results of the drug been developed to fight against the virus. That's when tempers went high and turned up the heat with jealousies and a boatload of explosive emotions, causing them to reveal family secrets,as heroes and villains emerge in the end.

This was another exhillerating thriller dealing with medical science. I loved the concept of a Scottish  winter season during the holidays. And to have a whiteout happen to trap everyone with snow and ice made it more thrilling as well. Toni Gallo was an interesting and intriguing character. I admired her and love the work she did. As for the  people at the home, that was a whole another story altogether. This would leave you speechless at the end after the gripping hook to start it off.

Don't get caught in the blizzard! Buy a copy this weekend!

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