Friday, September 12, 2014

Special review: Devil's Bride from March 2009

In Stephanie Laurens's historical romance debut, Devil's Bride, the first book in the Cynster series, she told us a story about the Cynster family. In the first installment, Sylvester "Devil" Cynster was caught in a compromising position with Honoria Wetherby, he shocked the world by offering her marriage. No one suspected this rake, England's most eligible bachelor, would settle down. But Honoria wasn't about to bend down to society's demands to marry him. She wanted to go on adventures and solve a Cynster murder mystery. When that was solved, she wanted to see the world. She couldn't escape the desirable heat from Devil, which only made her want to crave something more--him! Would she cave in to his pleasure and a lifelong adventure with him?

I really loved learning about Sly's wild bachelorhood and his intriguing family. I enjoyed the intriguing mystery inside the plotline to tie Honoria to Sly together. Dealing with the ton's norms back in the day, we learned how passion can sweep anyone way with the deepest of their desires.  I liked how the cousins and brothers got together in the sake of crisis and scandal.  The English countryside leaves much to be desired back then and even now.

Ready to get swept away? Check it out right now!

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