Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Here in my Heart

In Anna De Stefano's novella spinoff from her Mimosa Lane contemporary romance series, we return to the small community of Chandlerville, Georgia. For Dru Hampton, she ran the radKIDS program and worked at the Dream Whip restaurant. She was a strong role model for her younger adoptive sister Lisa with the Dixon family. But she had issues of her own, when she was reunited with her former childhood sweetheart, Officer Brad Douglas. They were separated seven years ago and now come together again, when Brad's 91-year-old grandmother, Vivian, was dying for cancer. For Dru and Brad, they needed to work through their issues and proclaim their love for each other. For Lisa, she just wanted to fit in and be loved by everyone, when she ventured into online chat rooms and the dangers from there. If you have fallen in love with the Mimosa Lane series, you'll fall in love with Here in My Heart as well.

This was a beautiful heart-wrenching contemporary romance. This dealt with adoption, a sense of belonging, life and love, and following your heart. I loved Dru's story on how she overcame the odds to get where she was today. I loved how she started a self-defense class for kids to fight back and how she knew Brad was meant for her. I loved how they cared for Vivian and mourned her loss with a heavy heart. I loved how Brad helped her out and how he figured out his feelings for her as they worked together. I did feel a bit sad for Lisa, who wanted a little attention with a little jealousy. I did became concerned for her, when she dabbled with online chatting. I loved the small town community of Chandlerville, Georgia, and how they came together. Beautiful heart-warming with emotional drama and a sense of romance.

Ready to follow your heart? Give this one your best shot today!

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