Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Wicked Little Lies

In Victoria Alexander's My Wicked Little Lies, we were introduced to a married couple who had something to hide. For two years, Evelyn Hadley-Attwater was married to her husband Adrian. Before then, she was a spy known as "Eve". When she was called on again for a special assignment of theft of missing governmental files, she kept this secret to herself. Her boss was known as "Sir" and haven't been seen in person. For Adrian, he became suspicious of Evelyn, when his jealousy went wild. That's when she punished him, when he didn't trust her. From that moment on, Adrian kept a secret of himself--he was "Sir" in the flesh, and was also called upon. Between them, the sparks fly between them and danger loomed over them and took a dangerous turn for the worse. In the end, they confessed their true feelings and revealed their secrets to one another.

I really enjoyed the concept of having a married couple as the two leading main characters, instead of two single and lonely people finding each other, as the central focus on the storyline. We rarely see that in historical romances and gives it a certain zesty appeal to it. For Evelyn and Adrian withholding secrets from one another, it really placed the tension in the plotline. I also enjoyed the subplot storyline with Max and Eve's closest friend who had a secret or two of her own. The warm interaction with Adrian's family also had made Evelyn feel real welcome to the family fold, since there was a loving group of people. Every member of his family had suffered from a major ordeal and had overcome it. It gives them a dose of personality and made them more human than others.

I was hooked on the first gripping page and was taken into a whole new world, when the past collided with the present, while the truth revealed itself in snippets. This made me gasp and sigh and held me in suspense with a presence of foreshadowing danger. In this historical romance, it showed us that not every marriage was perfect and within time, it could overcome any obstacles in its way. For Eve and Adrian to find their way back to each other's arms makes this a timeless classic of its own.

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