Friday, September 5, 2014

Poison Pen

In Sheila Lowe's Forensic Handwriting mystery series debut, Poison Pen, she introduced us to Claudia Rose, a forensic handwriting expert, who'd gotten embroiled into a complicated murder case. It started with Lindsay Alexander, a former close friend of hers, who died suddenly and looked suspicious. From there, she teamed up with her friend Kelly and sexy detective, Joel Jovancic, when her close friend Ivan was beaten up to death and later died. The closer she dug into Lindsay's life and secrets, the more precarious her life ended up in, when she was an interesting array of suspects who wanted to see her friend dead. This was a delightful read.

I liked the California backdrop in this cozy series. I enjoyed Claudia Rose and became intrigued into her handwriting analysis career. Kelly was okay. But I didn't care for much for Lindsay and her half-brother either. He gave me the creeps and Lindsay via flashbacks gave me the creeps. I loved the chemistry between her and Joel. I did feel bad that Ivan died, when he tried to help her. For a quick read and a lightning fast pace, this was an enjoyable cozy to love on a cold day.

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