Friday, September 26, 2014

Where the rain is made

In Keta Diablo's Where the Rain is Made, she told us a fantastic story that's part historical romance, part futuristic time-travel romance as well. For Francesca "Cesca" Duvall, she lost her family in an Indian rampage and couldn't find her brother, Marshall "Marsh" Duvall. For the two siblings, they were in for a ride of their life. Cesca was abducted from a savage Indian, while Marshall was adopted by an Indian tribe to undergo their latest customs. Cesca and Meko had a heated love/hate relationship. For Meko, he was also known as Ethan Gray in the futuristic world who worked for an Indian museum and transformed himself into a raven. Their love went above and beyond the call of his duty for both of his worlds, while they went through marriage, birth of their daughter, and the deadly Indian battles from the red coats. You would really feel for Cesca throughout this beautiful romance and bring a tissue with it at the end.

This was an amazing historical Paranormal romance. I love the bridge between the two parallel words of past and future with the time travel element. I did care for Francesca and Marshall and for the Indians as well. I loved the American Indian-attributed names they winded up with. When she experienced horrible ordeals, we did, too. I loved the Indian reservation and present-day experiences through time, too, in the western part of the world. You would be taken on a magical journey with this novel.

Ready to be enchanted by this love story? Pick up a copy today!

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  1. Hello Kristen, thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Where the Rain Is Made. I also loved writing it. Your blog is lovely! You're the best!


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