Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cara O'Shea's Return

In Mackenzie Crowne's Cara O'Shea's Return, she introduced us to Cara O'Shea, a petite red-haired artist who returned home for her sister's wedding. From there, she ran into a lifelong crush on Michael "Finn" Finnegan, a former NFL player, when she both bid for the same building and were in the same wedding. From there, there's a love-hate relationship between Cara, who needed Finn to help him transform that building into her artist and home. Cara also dealt with her father, who she never forgiven for breaking her heart, while Mike dealt with a divorce of his own, and his own feelings about her. Jealousy and tensions were high, when the sparks flew between them. In the end, they fell in love and needed each other.

I really enjoyed this light-hearted contemporary romance. I loved the setting of a sleepy New England Massachusetts town. I really liked Cara and her family in this story. I really loved how Michael helped out in the community and also helped Cara out. There was so much chemistry there. I loved Meggy as well. I also liked how Cara forgave her father and reached out with friendship to her step-mother. That was really moving. This made me smile and tear up deep down inside.

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  1. Aww I'm so glad you enjoyed Cara and Finn's story, sweetie. I had a blast writing it and I loved Meggy as well. She barreled into my head and wouldn't go away until I told her story in The Billionaire's Con.

    This group of characters is very special to me as I saw them living their lives in the small New England town where I grew up.



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