Friday, September 12, 2014

Special review: Deadly Safari from November 2008

In the first installment of the Jazz Jasper series by Karin McQuillen, Deadly Safari, she introduced us to Jazz Jasper, an American woman who escaped America and a painful divorce to start her own African safari as an indepedemt guide. She met Striker, a pilot, and started a relationship with him. She also made new friends there as well. But two ad reps, two wealthy businessmen and two models all gave her a headache. When two of them ended up killed mysteriously, she feared her first safari might be her last. She went on the case to solve the murders to track down a killer, may be it human or animal, and face this human predator once and for all.

This was a great introduction to the short-lived Jazz Jasper series. I loved the African location for the series, when we learn more about their customs and cultures. The scenery depicted was rich with descriptions of the landscape and animals. I did feel bad for Jazz to go through a painful divorce and needed to escape from the pain. I did think Striker was an interesting character for the pilot. I did worry about Jazz, when she was a newcomer to Africa. This was a pleasant and light read for those who needed to escape to other places. Great drama, nice storyline with a hint of romance and intrigue.

Ready to go on a safari? Hop aboard with your copy today!

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