Monday, March 30, 2015

All Shots

In Susan Conant's All Shots, the 18th installment of the Dog Lover's Mystery series, Holly Winter was in for wild ride. While her husband was away on vacation, it all started with a missing dog and a dead body. It was up to Holly Winter to discover that they were two other Holly Winters were in Cambridge, and one of them had her identity and stolen her mail. That's when the other Holly decided to do some investigating of her own, when it came to identity theft and dog-napping of a sort.  The closer she realized she was onto something, the truth unraveled before her eyes and came closer to her own end.

This was a phenomenal cozy mystery that packed a lot of suspense into one great novel. I cared about Holly Winter and was concerned about the other one. I did feel bad for Mellie, when she was caught up into this own mess as well. I didn't like Calvin and Grant and was worried for Streak for sure. I loved the Cambridge location and the dog breeding settings from the dog show to Holly's home. Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue and lots of great non-stop action.

Will you pick up a copy of All Shots today? If so, give it a go!

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