Sunday, March 29, 2015

Signature Kill

In David Levien's Signature Kill, the 4th installment in the Frank Behr thriller series, Frank returned on a most devastating and heart-breaking case that might cost him his family. When he investigated a disappearance of a missing prostitute, he didn't know what to expect. With his boss breathing down his neck, his relationship with his son and his girlfriend became more in jeopardy.He required the help of a profile he became attracted to, while he became more obsessive to track down his killer. The closer he learned the truth and discovered the identity of the killer, he track him down and took matter of his own hands, before he killed again, and tied up loose ends, when it was over.

This was a fantastic thriller that would really grip you and pull you in for a wild ride. I cared about Frank, Susan and Trevor. I thought Mistretta was an interesting character, while I despised Prilo and Adler for sure. I loved the Indianapolis settings and locations from start to finish. This made me ponder about a criminal's motives and their signature kills. Some scenes make me a bit queasy and sick to my stomach, due to the gruesome nature to it. Excellent drama and non-stop action, great intrigue and suspense from start to finish.

Will you uncover the killer's signature kill, too?

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