Monday, March 16, 2015


In Fern Michaels's Serendipity, she told us a heart-warming story about love and finding your own destiny. During the 1950s in Philadelphia, Marjory "Jory" Ryan returned back to her Chestnut Hill family home after her father died from her self-exile in Florida, after her failed marriage and miscarriage. From there, she made herself a home and didn't want to get involved with her soon-to-be ex-in-laws' crossfire. There, she dealt with her own independent life of being an owner of four loving dogs, an advice columnist, and then got caught in a love triangle between her ex and his best friend, especially when she'd gotten hit by a car. That's where she didn't know about her own feelings and decided to make a name of her own by befriending her ex-mother-in-law and running a magazine, until fate handed her own destiny for her to take for her own in the end.

This was  beautiful historical romance set in the 1950s. I cared about Jory Ryan and the people she interacted with. I loved the  Chestnut Hill area of Pennsylvania for the backdrop of the location and the scenery for this lovely story. I loved her interaction and love for the dogs, too. This made me cry, sigh, tug on my heartstrings, and smile in the end of this powerful romance. And you would too. Great drama, plenty of non-stop action and intrigue with sparks of romance, too.

Would you find your own serendipity, too?

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