Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Swan Dive

In Kendel Lynn's Swan Dive, the third installment in the Elliott Lisbon Cozy Mystery series, she told us a cold mystery that took place during Christmas time. It was opening night at the Ballantyne Foundation's Nutcracker, when Elliott discovered the dead body of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Lexie Allen. This shocked the production, when the show did go on without her. It was now up to Elliot to discover how she was poisoned and why, when she dug into Lexie's past and unearthed the shocking truth, before it was too late for her. She also dealt with a love triangle of her own between her former flame and her best friend.

This was a gripping new cozy series for me to read. I did care about Elliott, Nick, Matty, and for poor Lexie. I love the location of this small island town in South Carolina for Sea Pine Island. It sounded so picturesque to set the series there for the setting. I loved the Christmas mystery theme for this one, too. There was so many shocking twists that you didn't see coming for miles, not until the end. That left me breathless and feeling cold. Great drama, good non-stop action with plenty of twists and turns with a hint of romance and suspense to the end.

Check out Swan Dive this weekend!

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