Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Protected

In Shiloh Walker's The Protected, the 4th installment in the FBI Psychics romantic suspense series, this would blow your mind and take you out of this world. For FBI Agent Vaughnne McMeans, she was no ordinary agent on special assignment. She was placed in charge of Alex and Gus from bad people. Little did she know, that Alex's father went after them to bring them back home to Mexico. But she didn't expect to fall into a trap by someone close to her on her team and fall in love with Gustavo, either. The chemistry between them was explosive and smoldering hot, the same temperature raised the danger level. The closer they get together, they both had dark secrets to reveal about the past. And in the end, they fought the evil that lurked after them and came together with a new fresh start for them.

This was a fantastic romantic suspense with a hint of paranormal and the supernatural. I loved the dual locations of Florida and Mexico with fabulous settings that centered around the plot. I cared about Vaughnne and had she dealt with his assignment and how her family treated her, because she was a tad "different." I cared for Alex and Gus who were something special themselves. I thought Gus and Vaughnne made an interesting couple no less. This would take you on a wild ride from start to finish with tons of drama, intrigue, red-hot romance, and a lot of action along the way.

Will you be there to protect the protected? If so, give it a go today!

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