Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Her Fierce Warrior

In Paige Tyler's Her Fierce Warrior, the 4th installment in the X-Ops paranormal/romantic suspense novel series, she would take you right for a wild ride. For Angelo Rios, this rescue mission in Tajikistan was more than ordinary. That's when he met Minka, a Tajik human who had been injected with a shifter/hybrid blend with primitive animal traits. When he brought her back, she learned how to tame the inner "beast" inside her and trusted Angelo and the others in the DCO Special Forces. She befriends them and was scared of her new self, when she falls for Angelo bad with a fresh relationship on love and wild sex. When they returned back to the place where it started, she controlled the rage inside of her and dealt with battling the scientists who captured her as a caged animal. In the end, they found their way each other with love and the warrior they came out to be back home.

This was an interesting novel with a cross-genre of paranormal romance and romantic suspense. I loved the diversity of the character with Minka, a Tajiki female, and Angelo, a Hispanic Special Forces Officer. And I loved the twist of a shifter relationship between the hybrid females and the humans. I loved the vast locations of Tajikistan and also in Washington D.C., USA with vivid descriptive scenic settings to make you a part of that world. I cared for Minka and for Angelo at the same time, who both were dealt with some tough blows to get through. I loved how she befriended Ivy and Layla and how she controlled her emotions. This would make you fall in love with this new breed of characters in the series from start to finish with romance, high stakes drama, tension and plenty of non-stop action.

Will you check out Her Fierce Warrior today?

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