Thursday, March 31, 2016

His Darling Bride

 In Anna De Stefano's His Darling Bride, the 3rd installment in the Echoes of the Heart contemporary romance novella series, this novel would warm your heart with another love story of the Dixon family. For Bethany Darling, she was an artist that had gotten lost in her art and needed to find her way to her family. She struggled with her feelings and dealt with a lot of heartache. When she returned home for her sister's wedding and after her father's heart attack, she never knew she was needed where she belonged and wanted the most. For Mike Taylor, he was just a drifter who came into her small town and rocked her world. He came from a prestigious wealthy family from New York and developed his own secret immunity with a special talent. When they came together as a couple under unusual circumstances, they've learned to feel things they never felt before and loved each other as a whole to find their way to each other.

This was another beautiful installment in the Echoes of the Heart contemporary romance series. I cared for Bethany and how she made something of her own and found her way to fight for what she wanted the most. I loved Mike on how he cared for people and did something to honor his brother's memory the right way. But the way they came together as a couple and made something together was magical in this love story. I liked the dual locations of New York City and the charming Chandlerville. This is a story you would fall in love with each member of the Dixon family with their own sweet story to cherish and adore, too.  This has romance, drama, a bit of action and a hint of suspense.

Will you pre-order this copy today? If so, you'll love it, too.

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