Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Invasion of Privacy

Perri O'Shaughnessy's Invasion of Privacy was the second installment in the Nina Reilly series. This was one of the best legal thrillers so far. When Nina represented a civil case, things changed on a dime for her, when her client hated her guts for a reason. And then her past reared its ugly head in this case, when we learned what happened to her in the past and how her family was affected by it. It was really an emotional roller coaster ride that had thrown her for a loop. Old secrets and past wounds came up in her personal life, and a shocking twist or two surprised us all in the end. You really get involved and see what happened in Nina's world and inside her psyche.

This was an awesome nail-biting legal thriller. This dealt with Nina's personal life on the level.  We really do care for her and for her son as well. I hated to see her put through some torment by an aggressor. I do like the Lake Tahoe location between Nevada and California. I did feel bad for Paul, who wanted to be more than Nina's friend and colleague with her legal cases. This had plenty of action-packed scenes that you didn't see coming.

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