Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Reckless Summer

When you read One Reckless Summer by Toni Blake, you're on a ride for your life. We're introduced to former "good girl" Jenny Toliver, who's comes home to Destiny Ohio from a divorce. Who said who can't come home? Destiny isn't your type of hometown. It's close knit, small and town, with a beautiful view of a lake and stars. We see Jenny on her homecoming when she reunited with her father and her friends. But we see how her life was in the past and even now, since her mother's death years ago, and how her dad is protective of her and finds a new love of his own. But you root for Jenny and how she changed her life in a whole different way. When trouble with a capital T comes to town, Mick Brody, a bad boy who rocks her world, and carries a deep secret of his own. This type of contemporary romance has some erotic spice to it to make it stand on its own. This is an enjoyable new romance series to love.

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