Thursday, September 6, 2012

Red-Blooded Murder

If you love great thrillers, you'll also love the second installment in the Izzy McNeil series. In Red-Blooded Murder, it picked up six months later from Red Hot Lies. We really have gotten involved into Izzy's world, when she tackled a lot that have been going on in her life. And man, did she have a full plate in this series? We saw Izzy on an emotional roller coaster ride. I really became worried about her, since she became stuck and embroiled into another murder mystery of her own, when she was the center of the attention. Not only that, she juggled relationships and moonlighted in another job. But we watched how close she was to her mom, brother and step-dad. Fast-paced for a great ride.

This was a great continuation of the Izzy McNeil series. Once again, I love the backdrop of Chicago for this storyline. The tension between Izzy and Sam was tight and tough.  I didn't care for much for the second murder she encountered that placed her in the spotlight. I hated for Izzy to lose another friend when she was murdered. But I liked how she teamed up to moonlight with Mayburn. Plenty of good drama and suspense in this legal thriller.

Ready to catch a criminal? Give this book a go!

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