Thursday, January 22, 2015

Off the Record

In the third installment of the Geri La Rue series from Bonnie Hearn Hill, Off the Record, Geri returned in the conclusion of this trilogy that was filled with lots of surprised.  Geri was outraged, when she lost out on landing the "Off the Record" column for her newspaper. Later, she learned she inherited an apple nursery from Kathleen Fowler, right after she was thrown off the cliff. For Geri, she followed the trail of clues and on who wanted her dead, leaving dead people in her wake. In return, she then discovered it had something to do with her past to face the killer, before she became next in line.

In this thriller trilogy, I really did care about Geri. She was different and something admirable about her, since she was raised in a foster care system and was hearing impaired. She wasn't like her ordinary heroine, but she was more than an underdog. I felt the same way for her, when I read Cutline, a couple of years ago. This was a superb thriller, when someday I hope to read the first book in the series. I loved the California backdrop including the apple orchard. I took pity on Kathleen and thought Jesse was okay. Great drama, plenty of suspense and intrigue, and lots of action to carry us straight to the end.

Ready for Off the Record? Give this one a try!

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