Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Special review: Prior Bad Acts from October 2008

In the 3rd installment of Tami Hoag's Kovac/Liska thriller series, Prior Bad Acts, this duo went out to solve another disturbing case.  Everyone agreed that convincting Carl Dahl was a start, when he committed the crime of killing the Haas family. Only Judge Carey Moore stood in the way and put her in grave danger.  When someone attacked her in a parking lot, that's when Kovac and Liska were on the scene to protect her from further harm, when no one wanted to be on this disturbing case. But when Dahl disappeared from custody, everything went out control. Then the judge was kidnapped, when reopened the case and searched for new clues to the true killer of that grisly murder to serve justice.

This was another terrific Tami Hoag thriller in the Kovac/Liska series. This was so gripping and disturbing, you couldn't put it down. I did care about the Haas family members, for Kovac and Liska and for Judge Moore. I totally thought Dahl was disturbing as hell, too. I loved the Minnesota location in the twin cities. This would leave you speechless with chills in the end. Great drama, terrific suspense, and lots of intrigue and action to the end.

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