Monday, January 12, 2015

Killer Smile

In the 9th installment of Lisa Scottoline's Rosato & Associates legal thriller series, Killer Smile, Mary DeNunzio ended up in her toughest case yet. While she prepared to take a deposition for one of her latest cases for the firm, she wound up embroiled in a complicated and complex investigation for her latest case for Amadeo Brandolini's estate. First, she dealt with a harasser on the phone, while she looked into the probe of Amadeo's life, which lead her back to the 1940s, during World War II. And friends and family tried to fix her up with blind dates, when she'd gotten herself into a bind or two. She learned a lot about his life before his death, which was ruled by a "suicide by strangulation." The more she dug herself into it, while it might've bordered on obsession, the more she wound herself in peril from Montana to back to Philly. When the truth came out, it had disturbed more than a hornet's nest, while she won victory in the end.

This was another terrific legal thriller from Lisa Scottoline. I loved the historical fiction twist, when Mary had gotten involved into the case and dug deeper into Amadeo's life. I did care about Mary and Judy and Keisha, who'd gotten herself hurt in more ways than one. I also felt bad for Amadeo who was betrayed by his so-called friend Giovanni Saracone. I didn't like his son Justin one bit. I loved the dual locations of Philly and Montana for this novel. This had terrific plot twists at every end, ones you wouldn't see coming for miles and miles. Great drama, plenty of excellent action, and lots of intense suspense right to the end.

Do you have a killer smile? Check it out today!

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